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It’s time to vote again for your favorite piece in the Etsy Beadweavers Competition (http://etsy-beadweavers.blogspot.com/)

November Challenge Circles and Squares

This month’s competition had a theme of “Circles and Squares.”

Hollywood Circles and Squares

Hollywood Circles and Squares

Although my piece is very simple, I spent a long time trying to design the right square to go with the encased rivoli.  I wanted to use bicones because the challenge talked about the contrast between the smoothness of circles and the harsh corners of squares, so I thought the bicones embodied the idea of harshness of squares well.  I bought 4-5 different color crystals before being happy with the colors, but they still didn’t have the flash of the rivoli.  So, I made the backs of the square pillows with the permanent finish Toho silver.  Similar to the silver coating on the back of the rivoli, it gives a bit more sparkle to the bicones.

Close upThe rivoli are really beautiful in person, blue with flashes of purple and pink.  The accent beads I used worked perfectly with the rivoli.  They are a clear blue bead with a pink lining.  The blue and pink reflect the purple well, while somehow also still retaining the “pink-ness.”

I struggled over what type of clasp to use that wouldn’t take away from the look of the bracelet.  Then I figured out that I could use one of the encased rivoli similar to a button clasp.  I had to attach the connecting beads more toward the center in order to assure that the loop would stay securely around the rivoli,  but it ended up looking almost invisible!  The accent beads on the rivoli also work to prevent the loop from slipping off easily.

The picture that appears in the official competition is horrible because I had to quickly post my entry before the contest closed.  I was going out to a political rally with the family the night before the election and had to work like a dog to get it finished and posted in time.  So, I took more (better) pictures a couple days later and changed the ones I had originally posted on Etsy.

I had a lot of fun making this.  I hope you enjoy it.